Steering Group

Minutes of past meetings

The Neighbourhood Plan Meetings take place in the Village Hall.  The last meeting was held at Mulberry House for the working group to discuss the comments from teh PC meeting on 21st February and prepare for Reg 14.

The next meeting will be post 31st May when our reg 14 consultation will be completed.

Anyone interested in attending our meeting please do contact us via .


Previous data

During meetings the agenda will loosely be as follows;

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Administrative arrangements for the group
  • Key themes for the Neighbourhood Plan and early tasks for evidence base development
  • Structure of the Neighbourhood Plan

The key work has been to divide up the tasks & collect the evidence needed to support our plan.

We are keen for anyone in the village to volunteer to have even a small involvement as we just don’t have the finances to have everything brought together by our planning consultant. There is a lot of help and guidance, but continue we do need individuals to get involved to help us achieve a robust plan that the whole village can get behind.