Local Issues

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Road safety, traffic and parking

Underlying all our objectives is a real issue we face daily in Church Fenton with regard road safety, traffic and parking.  Our objective is to manage and improve road safety through traffic calming and parking.

Whilst the steering group acknowledge that the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan does not include a direct impact on highways, we aim to improve and manage road safety through effective policies relating to traffic calming and parking, throughout our policies specifically focusing on our housing and amenities policies

  • Housing

During recent times planning applications have been submitted which are in contradiction to our Village Design Statement, e.g. three storey dwellings, overdevelopment of sites,

Our objective, after completing our housing needs assessment survey with our residents, the steering group will work for a proper mix of homes to meet the needs of the community.  To enable organic growth, that is small in nature, e.g self build homes.  To avoid urbanisation.

Drainage problems?

Several residents have experienced probelms with their drains, whereby water was not draining away.  These people called Yorkshire Water who spent the entire christmas season removing excess water from to alleviate the problem.

We are aware that many peopel have concerns regarding local drainage systems, in particular worrrying how it would cope in the event of new houses being built in the village.

It is evident from past problems that there is a potential probelm and residents need to be diligent particularly following bad weather.  Any drainage probelms, no matter how small, should be reported to Yorkshire Water straight away, you can contact them on 0345 1 24 24 24.

Could new housing be built near you?

Selby District Council has to build thousands of new houses over the next 15 years. 769 are to be built in the districts Designated Service Villages, of which Church Fenton is one, therefore number of these new houses will be in the village, yet we don’t currently know the exact impact.

The link below shows the individual plots of land put forward by land owners around the parish for potential planning.

 Link to plots of land for potential planning to be added here

Just because these plots of land have been put forward doesn’t necessarily mean that they will all be used for planning, however some of them will be.

What are your views on this? Which of these plots do you think would be suitable for planning and why? The Nighbourhood Plan Steering Group would love to hear your views. Get in touch via contact us link above!

  • Services and Facilities

Our objective is to maintain and improve the services and facilities available within the village.

  • Environment & Greenspace

Our objective is to implement policies that will improve our green environment.

  • Conservation and Heritage
  • Business and Economy
  • Flooding
  • High Speed Rail