Consultation File


  1. Church Fenton Statement of Community Involvement
  2. Steering Group Terms of Reference
  3. Neighbourhood Area designation
  4. Letter requesting designation
  5. SDC Letter designated area including Map


  1. Heritage Appraisal May 2018
  2. Housing Needs Survey  – this survey was distributed to all houses in Church Fenton and results can be viewed here: Housing Survey Results Completed
  3. Green Space SurveyThis survey was distributed in Church Fenton and copies were available in the Community Shop
    Environment & Green Space questionnaire 1of2
    Environment & Green Space questionnaire 2of2
    Local Green Spaces questionnaire analysis
  4. Business Survey (March 2018 – 15 April 2018)
    Business Survey page 1
    Business Survey page 2
    Business Survey Results
    Cllr Blakey delivered questionnaire to farm businesses within Church Fenton Parish & a link to an online version of the survey were made available via this website

SDC_Screening opinion against the needs for SEA

The Consultation was live between 6th April 2019 until 31st May 2019.

  1. Church Fenton NDP pre submission draft April 2019
  2. Neighbourhood Development Plan consultees e-mail letter for Church Fenton
  3. Regulation 14 questionnaire
    Church Fenton Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation Summary and Questionnaire
  4. Regulation 14 Statutory Consultee/Stakeholder consultation list
  5. Example of email sent as part of consultation

List of all responses & scanned letter/email response below


Feedback Assessments

    1. Church Fenton Regulation 14 consultation feedback from residents
    2. Church Fenton Regulation 14 Residents response framework.
    3. Church Fenton regulation 14 Response framework_Selby District Council.
    4. Church Fenton NDP feedback assessment _ stakeholders.
    5. Reg 14 Graphic for questionnaire consultation